And on February 22, the sun finally broke through in DC.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Elsa and Anna would be proud. (at United States Capitol)

Do it Rockapella! (at The Capitol Theatre)

Tonight, I am Brad Majors (aka @$$hole).

Hey Janet….

Gettysburg, PA. Apple country with my brother and sister! (at Boyer Orchards)

The face of sickness while having to study.

Even though I can’t be there in person, I am still representing my school tonight. Go Gators! (at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)

Since I got some asks for it.

Kik: john.dickhaus

Time to get up and get on with my workout. #selfie #nottbt (at The Paramount)

Patrick’s “Lorax” themed sixth birthday party. So many children… (at Celebration Station Clearwater)

Anytime you get to wear a tuxedo, well, its swell.

My lovely sister and I!

John L. Dickhaus-Piano

I usually only play Randy Newman music on rainy days, but hey, I suppose everyone needs to list